Thursday, 5 July 2012

And we're off!

Thurs 5th July
BMI Lounge, Manchester Airport

We've set off at last! Usual largely taciturn taxi driver (not unfriendly, just not very conversational), Dewsbury Station was wet due to them doing building work there. This was annoying because the tannoy is behind the screens so you can't actually hear the announcements. We could have been getting on a train that was being diverted to Ispwich via Douglas, IOM, for all we knew.

As it transpired, it was the correct train all the same and I ended up spending the trip chatting to an elderly lady from New Zealand who'd been touring the UK for the last couple of months. Surprisingly, she didn't look like a drowned rat, despite the pissy rain we've had of late.

At the airport we checked in and are informed that we are allowed in the BMI Lounge. This is where I'm typing this now since they have free Wifi as well as free snacks and (best of all) free booze. Obviously, we have a long time travelling ahead of us (including a good few hours layover in Heathrow) so I don't want to go too mad, but I do think a wee bloody mary might be in order. It's the drink of seasoned travellers like myself, I think you'll find. Or did I just make that up? Anyway, it's what I usually drink when I'm at 38,000ft

 It's the only way to fly. Cheers!

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