Sunday, 29 July 2012

Busy doing nothing 2: the end is in sight

Our final full day of Thai beach-bum life so we celebrated by doing nothing, mainly. More lounging around near our pool, reading, the occasional meal. For lunch I weakened and had my second western meal of the holiday: a burger, but it was rather good. Later on I treated myself to a Thai massage (Jane didn't want to have one) which was very relaxing once it was over. I winced a few times and only once almost yelped in pain. So I was twisted, bent, kneaded and I actually  paid for it. Worse still, I had to wait about half an hour for the privilege. I did come out of it smelling of citronella and Tiger Balm so I did get something out of it.

I think this is the postal boat
More junk mail

For our last evening meal we went to Jang's Kitchen, a sort of divers' hangout bar where we'd had a drink a couple of evenings previously. They did the most enormous cocktails for a start, in pint glasses (not to mention a decent deal at B140 a piece) then our dinner arrived. We'd ordered a curry each (a jungle one and a green one for Jane and me, respectively) plus satays and they were HUGE! Either one was big enough for two and the satays were also massive. There was so much food we shared it with a couple of dogs from the bar who were quite sweet. They're not so keen on aubergine, mind, I discovered as I gave one of them a bit from my curry and it just licked the sauce off and left it. The food was actually quite excellent as well. As it happened we stayed here all night since it is the only bar that's open beyond 10. We were chatting to a British girl who was working there. She'd planned to come for a few weeks in January and was still here 7 months later. She had a bad foot as well which made waiting tables quite difficult, hobbling about. Probably got it from dog poo in the sea.

Once the bar shut up we were invited with the staff to another place round the corner called Jack's Bar, where there was a bit of a jam session going on with some locals plus one or two other white people. Well, I say a jam session, when we first got there I was reminded of descriptions of opium dens from the 1800s, with loads of people lounging around the floor. We stayed for a couple of beers and it was a good way to end our last night on Salad Beach as we made our way back past our now unlit and deserted restaurant at Cookies and back to our room for the final time.

Pre-prandial chilling on a hammock
It was around about now we realised that all the Thai food was having a bad effect on Jane as she started to turn into a hobbit with her enormous hobbit feet

Late drinks with a jam session
I still say it looks like an opium den

 Our last night on our balcony

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