Thursday, 5 July 2012

Horbury, Wakefield, W Yorks, UK

Just over a day to go

It's a few months since I wrote the first entry of this blog which I only just realised hadn't actually been published. Ho-hum, I've rectified that.

It's around midnight on the day before we go away. I've not had much to write about. We've been quite blase about the whole thing. Normally we'd be out a few times buying stuff we need, but this time around we've barely done that. We did get some really cool binoculars for the jungle part of the trip, mind.

To be honest I suppose we've had other stuff to be concerned with, be it the adoption procedure or the football.

Having said that, all our accommodation is booked, our internal flights are booked and even checked into and we have either organised or at least know how to make our transfers. We've even checked out what films are on the plane (and they aren't that inspiring, it has to be said). Jane has done so much research in fact that we know what we're going to be doing on a lot of our nights and I have to say the cheap cocktails they sell at the market in the village we're staying in Khao Sok National Park do sound good.

So, I've one more day left at work, two more gym sessions, several meals, two sleeps then we're away

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