Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Brief interlude

Here are a few lists:

Top 10 beers of SE Asia in order of my preference:

Singha (Thailand)
Beer Lao (Laos)
Tiger (Singapore)
San Miguel (Philipines)
Guinness Extra Stout (as brewed in Malaysia, popular in Chinese cafes in the region)
333 (Vietnam)
Chang (Thailand)
Angkor (Cambodia)
Anker/Anchor (Malaysia)
Bintang (Indonesia)

Some disease Jane and or me may have caught from swallowing Khao Sok river water:

Typhoid fever
Amoebic dysentery
The trots

Favourite Thai curry colours in order of preference:

(they make a blue curry and I'm there)

Places I've acquired mosquito bites at time of writing this:

Right shin
Left knee
Right forearm
Arse (no idea how the fecker got up there. I've been DEETed to buggery every time I went out)

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