Friday, 13 July 2012

Busy doing nothing

Apologies for this update. We didn't do much at all today so it's like one of those boring Eastenders episodes where they only feature a couple of characters going over some old incident from their past, so please feel free to skip over this one and read subsequent ones where something actually happens.

Today we decided on a day of decompression after our jungle sojourn, so the plan was to have breakfast and then lay by the pool for a while. Breakfast was buffet style with an egg station to do them to your liking, bacon, sausages (of a tinned hotdog variety), tomatoes, fried potatoes. There are also a couple of Asian breakfast dishes of fried rice and fried noodles, a good selection of local fruits, waffles and cereals.

The pool is modest, as I think I mentioned before, but good for relaxing beside whilst reading a good book. There's not much more to say about it, if I'm being truthful

For lunch we sauntered over to a café across the road for some noodles then came back to lie on the beach at our hotel. Both the pool and the beach are sufficiently quiet that there is none of the placing of towels at dawn and occupying them like some colonising army or worse, fucking off for hours to come back many hours later, as you get in some resorts frequented by Europeans (and I'm not making a racist point here. Brits are as bad, if not worse than Germans, despite the stereotype). We reclined on a couple of sun loungers under some nice palm tree shade. I did wake up to see a very mature coconut on the palm directly above me which looked like it could drop at any minute so made a swift move to an adjacent bed. It didn't drop and may possibly still be clinging on to the branch by the thinnest of tendrils, but it's a little disconcerting seeing something that big and heavy poised to fall on your head. I think they might call it the Thai guillotine in some circles.The feel of Bophut beach is generally very relaxed with hawkers parading up and down trying to sell anything from jewellery to fruit, henna tattoos to massages. There was one guy who paddled along the water's edge in a canoe complete with charcoal grill to BBQ corncobs.

 Jane dissapointed that the pool isn't overflowing with ass's milk

Hawker on the beach
Thailand fast food, delivered by canoe

After heading back to our room for a quick refresh, we dropped some washing off to be laundered at some place up the road (so much cheaper than the hotel who want the same cost to do 1kg at a local shop to clean one pair of trousers). We wandered further into the Fisherman's Village for dinner, taking in the sunset and then stopping to enjoy a happy hour cocktail on the beach. We ate in a place called Villa Daudet  where they did some very pricey French stuff, some reasonably priced Thai food and pizza. I relinquished and went for a ham and mushroom pizza which was OK and made a change from coconut-laced Thai.

Bophut sunset
Then road looks crap by daylight, but the sky makes up for it

We headed back along the FV path and stopped off at a bar called Mr Chillis where, not only were they doing a variety of cocktails at B120 (just over £2), but they were also showing some highlights from the last Premier League season (Boxing Day fixtures as it happens) and it was a delight to relive a victory over Bolton. Also here they had a duo of musicians warming up. They were both Thai with a guy on a semi-acoustic guitar and another on, of all things, a double bass. They also had various percussion things set up too. I thought “Great, a bit of jazz!” and they started of playng “Falling in Love With You” by Elvis, then another Elvis dirge then they got onto Simon and Garfunkel then stopped and the guitarist spent the next 20 minutes trying to tune his guitar, oddly enough. Then it was more S&G by which time we had finished our drinks and wandered off. We ended up in the Frog and Gecko again, the place of the Timmy Taylor beermats, where they were finishing up a quiz. Which had attracted quite a large number of teams, most of whom seemed to be expats. They had been starting this when we walked past a couple of hours ago so we were glad not to get involved, but we would have walked it had we stayed! The prize was B1300, which is about £26 so ould 1have paid for our night out but we'd better things to do than hang about in an English bar all night.

After this it was time to get home.

Goodnight to all
And to all a good night

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